Book club launched

Published on Wednesday 29th November 2017

 CTS librarian Miss Jodie Kidner has launched a new book club with a difference. On a Monday after school the tables are rearranged in the library to create a tea party with a different theme each week. Students then meet to discuss books relating to the theme and take part in a range of activities over tea and cake.

Themes so far have included Alice in Wonderland and Harry Potter, next week the theme is Winter Reads and to finish the year the club will discuss the best reads of 2017.

Miss Kidner said ‘We have a general chat each week and discuss upcoming events. I try to bring along lots of book recommendations.

‘I want to encourage students to enjoying read books and pick something up they wouldn’t normally read.’

The club is open to all year groups and takes place in the library after school on a Monday till 4.45pm.

Please make sure you let Miss Kidner know if you are attending beforehand