Ollie's RAF air cadet's achievements

Published on Thursday 21st December 2017

Well done to one of our students, Ollie, who has recently attended his RAF air cadet’s presentation evening. We wanted to commend Ollie, who over the last 15 months since joining the cadets has achieved many things. 

As a training flight cadet, Ollie has spent an extra 3 hours a week in a class room during the evenings and stood outside in the pouring rain on weekends to help raise money for various charities, as well many other things.

During his time in the cadets, Ollie has earned his British Heart Foundation Heart start certificate, First Class Cadet certification, Leadership certification, his basic and advanced swimming certificates and had the opportunity to take control of a plane.

Ollie’s mum, Kirsty said: ‘He was very shy and nervous when he joined the cadets and has since grown so much in confidents. He wasn’t very confident in water either and is now aiming for his advanced. 

‘We couldn't be prouder of the confident young man he's becoming and we look forward to seeing what the next year brings.’