Students find out all about apprenticeship opportunities

Published on Thursday 01st March 2018

Year 9 students recently took part in a workshop run by Natalie Porter from the National Apprenticeship Service.

The students found out more about the advantages of an apprenticeship and were able to compare them to university degrees.

The students learnt how much they could earn, how to apply for apprenticeships and where to find them. They also received a booklet outlining the current apprenticeships avalible and the qualifications needed.

To end the session, the students took part in quiz to test everything they learnt.

Student Beth said ‘I am still considering my options beyond school. This workshop has really helped me to gain a better understanding of apprenticeships and has allowed me to compare their advantages and disadvantages to a university degree.’

Student Dominika said ‘I have been set on going to university for a while but found the workshop very useful and insightful. It’s helped me make a more informed decision about going to university and has confirmed that I am doing the right thing for me.’