Student librarian initiative launches at CTS

Published on Thursday 01st March 2018

At Corby Technical School we have launched a new student librarian initiative.

The new roles will allow students to take on more responsibility, develop key skills and be involved in making key decisions regarding the library.

The student librarians have all been put into different roles depending on their interests. Groups include the promoting team, arts and crafts team and sorters and runners.

Librarian Miss Kidner said ‘I had a few students who constantly came to see me in the library and asked if they could help in anyway. I thought it would be a nice idea to formally recognise the hard work they do by starting the new student librarian initiative. When the other students heard about this, I had more students approach me and ask to get involved.

‘Having this many students involved allowed us to group them so they had different roles and responsibilities based on their passions. Already the student librarians have made such a difference to the library. The school has grown this year in size and having the students help out has had a massive impact in making sure the library is kept in order.’