Students take part in knife crime workshop

Published on Monday 09th April 2018

Our Year 9 students recently took part in a knife crime workshop led by the School’s PCSO Steve Coles who highlighted the dangers and impacts of offensive objects such as knives.

The workshop is taking place at secondary schools in county to address the increasing problem of knife crimes across the UK.

The students watched a series of videos about knife crime and how things can quickly escalate. They saw how knife attacks not only impact those involved but their friends and families.

The students looked at some of the real life knife crimes stories which have featured in the news. They discussed what they should do if they find themselves being threatened or see someone with a knife or other offensive object. They learnt how and where to report crimes including websites such as, which also gives students more information about particular crimes and lets them report crimes anonymously.

Year 9 student Debony said ‘I found the workshop really eye-opening. I learnt the effects of what could happen if someone is carrying a knife and how important it is to tell someone. I’ve also learnt what counts as an offensive object.’

Year 9 student Morgan said ‘I’ve learnt to be more aware of my surroundings and  that it is really important not to be afraid to speak up if you see someone carrying a knife.’