Sammah is awarded black belt in karate

Published on Tuesday 01st May 2018

Year 7 student Sammah has become the second youngest at her local karate club to be awarded ‘Shodan’ (black belt).

Sammah trains for around 5 hours a week as part of the Tiska (Traditional International Shotokan Karate Association) at Brooke Weston. She said: ‘I am really excited that I have been awarded my black belt. I am now going to teach the beginners at my club which I am looking forward to. To achieve black belt I had to complete a written exam and perform lots of moves including a variety of kicks.

Sammah has taken part in karate for 7 years, she said: ‘My mum suggested I go to a class when I was younger to try out the sport. At first I wasn’t too keen as I was rather shy but after a short time I realised that I really enjoyed it.

‘I don’t have a favourite move as I really like them all. I love seeing my progression and knowing that I am able to defend myself if I need to. Karate has also helped me to build my confidence.’