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Profile - Bartosz (Civil Engineering)

A profile piece on Bartosz's work experience placement at Sir Robert Alpine.

Name: Bartosz

Where did you go on your work experience placement? 
Sir Robert Alpine - Civil Engineering

Why did you choose this placement?
I originally wanted to go on an architecture placement, however there was not any available when I looked. My mum knew someone that worked at a civil engineering company, because the placement was still in the same industry I had an interest in, I thought it I would try it.

What were your main duties?
I mainly spent my time shadowing one of the workers and solving some of the mathematical problems. I started to learn CAD (Computer aided design) and the Boss took me to London so I could go on site and see how plans become a reality. I also had the opportunity to see the potential jobs I could progress onto if I chose this career path.

What was your favourite thing about the placement?
The fact we are even able to do a placement through our school is incredible, as many schools do not offer this opportunity. The placement itself was something completely new and challenging to me. This pushed me out of my comfort zone, which is something I really enjoy, as I like to be challenged.

What skills have you gained from the placement?
The placement has helped me to improve my communication skills with people in general as well as specifically within a work place. I’ve learned lots about the working world and have gained practical skills such as CAD.

Has it helped you decide on your career?
I always thought I wanted to be an architect but this placement has allowed me to find out I have a passion for civil engineering, which I would now like to pursue as a career.

What advice would you give to a fellow student who is looking to take part in a work experience placement?
Use your contacts; you may be more likely to get a placement through a recommendation. Also use the Internet as this can be a useful place to search for placements in a sector that interests you and if you are struggling to find the placement you want (like I did) try something similar as you may find you have a passion for something you weren’t expecting to.