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  • BWT update: Year 6 to 7 Transition for September 2021

    Published 28/05/21
    For Year 6 children and their families the move to secondary school can be an anxious time. We know this is even more likely to be the case this year as children have not had the opportunity to visit the school they will be joining. Becoming familiar
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  • Letter to parents - next stage of Government roadmap (17th May)

    Published 14/05/21

    Next stage of Government roadmap (17th May)

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  • Corby Technical School awarded Gold Status

    Published 23/04/21

    Corby Technical School is awarded Gold Status.

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  • Lyrical Lockdown

    Published 03/06/21

    Several students from different year groups at CTS came together to take part in the Corby Lyrical Lockdown performance last weekend. Mr Cox received contact from the Corby Cube advertising this opportunity and a number of our students were courageous enough to attend. Over a six week programme, they worked with music coaches to compose a song (they collaborated with Olivia from Kingswood on the lyrics). This song was then performed in a brand new performance space in Corby, both to a live audience and an online stream.

    The students who took part were:

    • Anthony M (7CU) – DJ
    • Urszula M (8TA) - Keyboard
    • Rhian H (9ST) – Vocals
    • Danielle B (10TA) – Vocals
    • Andrew TH (10CO) – Film and Production Crew

    Andrew described it as, ‘one of the best experiences I have had’, and also said, ‘this will help me to kick-start my career in the media industry’. Danielle explained, ‘working as a collective was new to me, but I thoroughly enjoyed it’. Rhian told me all about taking part, saying, ‘being in this group is like having a second family. I love how we can be honest  if something goes wrong, but we all support each other too’.

    Well done to all those involved. It takes a lot of confidence to put yourself forward for something like this, and you have all certainly done us proud. The students’ passion for music is evident in the performance, as is their sense of ensemble and communication with each other. Hopefully this is the first of many performances our students will do in this wonderful new performance space in the centre of the town.

    See the performance here from 46:18

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    Published 11/03/21
    The new pilot Trust to Trust mentor programme has been developed by the Department for Education to partner MATs at different stages of development in a peer mentoring relationship. The relationship will operate on the basis of a single trust m
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  • CTS teacher wins Teacher of the Year Award

    Published 08/03/21

    Congratulations to CTS teacher, Angela Brown, who has won the English Teacher of the Year Award in the Northamptonshire Teaching Awards.

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  • CTS teacher receives ELE designation

    Published 01/03/21

    Well done to Mr James Lee, who is one of three Trust members of staff who have been designated as Evidence Leads in Education to give specialist support, both to their own schools and to others across the region.

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  • Re-opening of schools - letter to parents/carers and students

    Published 23/02/21

    Re-opening of schools - letter to parents/carers and students

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  • CTS student wins film score competition

    Published 16/02/21

    Congratulations to Abbie U, from Year 7,  who has won first prize in her age group for composing a musical film score.

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  • Statement on Ofqual and DfE consultation on how grades should be awarded summer 2021

    Published 18/01/21

    Dear students, parents and carers,

    Following the cancellation of this year’s summer exams, the Department for Education and Ofqual have launched a consultation seeking views on how to award grades in a way that reflects students’ performance accurately, recognising the disruption they have faced this year.

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  • Important update for parents/carers: children attending school

    Published 11/01/21

    Please follow this link to access the CEO's latest letter to all parents/carers.

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  • Update on GCSE, AS and A level exams 2021

    Published 06/01/21

    Dear Students and Parents,

    Gavin Williamson, the Education Secretary, confirmed in the House of Commons today that GCSE, AS and A-level exams will not go ahead this year. He said he wished 'to use a form of teacher assessment grades, with training and support provided to ensure these are awarded fairly and consistently across the country'.

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