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13-01 Club teaches students to aim high

Our popular Model Flying Club will resume tomorrow.

Our popular Model Flying Club will resume tomorrow.

A group of Key Stage 3 students are making gliders from balsa wood after school with support from an external STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) ambassador.

As well as testing their own gliders at the end of the project the students will also have the chance to examine models of powered airplanes and try out a glider flight simulator.

Design and Technology Teacher David Harley said: “The students build their balsa wood glider from a kit which helps them to develop their skills in measuring and cutting accurately.

“Once they have built their balsa wood frame they cover it either with a light weight tissue which is glued to give it rigidity or they use heat shrunk plastic to create the wings.”

The club meets in the Design and Technology workshop after school on Thursdays.

A new cohort of the club will be launched in February.

(Pictured above is one of our students from an earlier group of the Model Flying Club with his finished glider)