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Crafting Corby Tech Students

Two Year 9 students from Corby Technical School have built a Minecraft model of the school building.

Two Year 9 students from Corby Technical School have built a Minecraft model of the school building.

They used the game which allows you to build using 3D blocks to create a digital representation of the school. Completing the project from both sight and photographs, it took the students two weeks to complete, spending a total of 20 hours on the project. They then went on to create a YouTube video of their work.

Nathaniel Tew has previously completed many other Minecraft projects and has his own YouTube channel with over 800 subscribers. After showing Courtney Daniels, she decided to get involved.

Nathaniel said ‘I took the role of architect and Courtney did lots of the design work including the interior.’

Courtney said ‘I built the outside walls, the hill, the upstairs computer rooms and lights. It was these smaller jobs that could make a big difference.’

Nathaniel said ‘We are both very pleased with the result and I feel this is the most accurate building I have made. As we are at school daily, we can check for details. The wings were challenging to make as we were restricted to the Minecraft tools available and could only create 45°and 90°angles.

‘I hope that people start to think differently about Minecraft as our project has received a very positive reaction, more so than I thought.’

The pair used the programme ‘Movie Maker’ to cut and edit footage of the model.

Computer teacher Mr Arron Gourlay said ‘Managing to use a tool considered to be a toy and create something very technically and architecturally correct is very impressive. Everyone who has watched the video knows exactly where they are around the school and cannot find fault with it. I hope it inspires others to start using this platform for homework and presentations.’

For their next project Nathaniel and Courtney hope to build ‘Planet Bounce’ a trampoline park in Northampton.

Please click the link below to view the video of the Minecraft building: