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More GCSE successes

Here’s more stories from our first ever GCSE results day:

Stefan Ciocoiu has achieved amazing results, particularly given the fact that he only moved to Corby a year ago and so effectively has completed two year’s worth of work in just one.Stefan achieved strong passes in core subjects with an 8 in maths, an A, two Bs and a C as well as other qualifications. He said: ‘I came here from Romania at the start of Year 11. Some of the courses are harder here but maths is easier than in Romania and  I am most happy about my maths result. I just worked hard to get them and also did a lot of work at home. I sometimes stayed after school for maths and English revision. I want to do A Levels in  maths, further maths, computer science and history or geography and I plan on being a computer programmer eventually.’  


 Another student who wants a careen in computing is Krystian Kolupagew. He achieved  passes in core subjects, an A*, 3As, 3Bs and a C. He said: ‘I am most pleased about my A in computer science and my 7 in maths. I am planning on studying  computer science, maths, further maths and engineering at A Level and I want to do computer science at university.’


Anesu Madando is another student who is planning to put her technical skills to good use with the long term aim of becoming an architect. She achieved passes in her core subjects, 5 Cs and other qualifications. She said: ‘I am most pleased about my maths and English results because I put in a lot of work and I got what I deserved. For A Level I want to do art, psychology and philosophy and ethic and I want to study  architecture because I have always been a creative person. Coming to a technical school has opened a lot of doors for me.’