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GCSE students plan psychology studies

A group of our students are planning on studying psychology at A level and beyond.

 Malika Brown who achieved her core subject passes, along with five Cs and a Distinction. She said: ‘I am really happy I tried my hardest at English language because I want to do that for Sixth Form and psychology, media and biology they are my favourite subjects. I want to be a child psychiatrist or physiotherapist. I had joint problems when I was younger so I had to see a physiotherapist a lot, so I was really interested in the work that they did. I always aspired to the profession and I like working with children as well.’


Rachel Campbell achieved good passes in her core subjects along with two As, 2Bs and 2Cs. She said: ‘ I am most happy about my maths, English language and science qualifications and I want to come back to study biology, psychology, English language and media. I put my success down to revising. My advice to other students is to start revising by February. After A levels I am planning on a career in psychology.’


 Drew Clough also got strong passes in core subjects, 3Bs and 3C qualifications. He said ’I want to do biology, psychology, geography and history at A level. Eventually I would like to go into a psychology career because in sociology we focus on groups and social interactions. Psychology is the study of individuals and how the brain works. They are quite closely linked but also very different in some aspects so I will find it quite interesting to study.’