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Work Experience - Case study

This year, we are once again encouraging our students to take part in a work placement with the help of Timely advice. 

This year, we are once again encouraging our students to take part in a work placement with the help of Timely advice. To help students see what opportunties are out there and give them an insight into the kinds of things they could get involved in, we are posting a case study each week of some of our students who took part in a placement last year. This week you can read all about Akash who completed his placement in marketing at RS Components.

Name: Akash

Where did you go on your work experience placement? 
RS Components - Marketing Department

Why did you choose this placement?
I knew I wanted to do something related to business and marketing as I am quite entrepreneurial and  already run a few of my own companies.

How did you find out about your placement?
I spoke to Julie from Timely Advice who comes into our school to give us career advice. I told her about my passion and she found me this placement.

What were your main duties? 
I mainly worked in the marketing department and spe nt my time shadowing and was mentored by the staff there. I also produced promotional material for the company and learned how to put an e-shot together which they actually used!

What was your favourite thing about the placement?
I liked how I was able to experience the different aspects of the company. They gave me a tour of the building and allowed me to spend time with an employee from each department. I saw how a large company operates and how the different departments work and communicate with one another.

What have you gained from the placement?
I’ve not only learned lots of practical skills but have seen how the company works from the inside, which has taught me what’s needed to run a successful business. I saw how the company strives and is stronger because of its communication, which has created an effective bond between the different departments.

Although I study business at school, the placement has allowed me to gain hands on experience and see how things work in reality. I can bring that experience back and apply it to my learning in school.  I’ve also developed my teamwork skills and learned how to apply these.

Has it helped you decide on your career?
The placement has confirmed that I want to work in the business sector and hopefully run my own successful company one day.

What advice would you give to a fellow student who is looking to take part in a work experience placement?
Research the company, if you have background knowledge of the business it will not only impress them but will help you understand the company better.

Northern Europe Marketing Specialist Apprentice, Will said  ‘I have been working on some web development with Akash who has created an e-shot by himself. I am very impressed with how quickly he adapted to this system and would just like to pass my congratulations on.’