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CTS’ successes #3

Here's the final instalment of GCSE news, detailing our students' success and their plans for future study or work.

Mikey McGee is celebrating his 10 qualifications comprising a 9 in English Language, and a 6 in English Literature. He said: ‘I am most pleased about my English Language, I really worked for it and I am so happy that I got it!  I have applied to come back here for Sixth Form and I have also applied for college in Loughborough to do a creative writing and English course so it depends how things go.

‘I want to be an author. My favourite author is Christopher Palin who wrote the Inheritance Series. He started writing it when he was 15. If you are on a roll when you are writing something it doesn’t matter what age you are. I have written stories already, I wouldn’t call them amazing but I am happy with where I have started. I like adventure and have read of lot of fantasy.

‘At CTS if you need something the teachers will absolutely be there for you, which is great. As soon as I walked out of the results room all my English teachers were there cheering me on!’



Kai Power was awarded an 8 in maths, along with a 7 in computer science.

He said: ‘I am staying on to do maths, further maths, physics and computer science. CTS has been a good school and is really good for the technical side of everything.  I did loads of revision to prepare for these exams. I would tell students preparing for exams don’t stress and to take your time.’



James Boycott achieved an 8 in maths along with a range of other qualifications. He said: ‘ I am going to Northampton College to do a level 3 sports course which is equivalent to A Levels so I can still go to university, which is what I am looking to do. I am keeping my options open at the moment but I want to do something around sport. I worked really hard for my maths and was confident that I had passed most of my subjects.’


Well done to Jak Noble and Joe McHugh, who are both planning to be carpenters.

Jak and Joe.

Joe was delighted with his 7 in maths and 5 in English language. He is heading to college to do a carpentry course. Jak has secured a carpentry apprenticeship He said: ‘I am most pleased about my 5 in maths, which is a strong pass. I am going to do an apprenticeship as it is more hands on work and carpentry interests me.’


Finally, a huge congratulations again to all those celebrating their GCSE success. We are so proud of you and also want to thank all our staff, whose daily professionalism and dedication makes a difference to all our students and their outcomes.