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CTS students speak at Target safeguarding conference

Two students from Corby Technical School spoke at a conference about their participation in the Target Ambassadors programme, which helps children stay safe online.

Aidan from Year 11, and Year 8 student, Jenna  spoke to 150 safeguarding professionals from across the county.

They got involved as they are just a couple of the 40 Corby Technical School students who have taken part so far in the Target Ambassador programme, which is run by the Wellingborough-based charity Service Six.

Jenna said: ‘I was scared, nervous, happy and terrified all at the same time.  I had a rough plan of what to say but wasn't sure until I got there and heard Northampton School for Girls speak. Then I spoke and my nerves vanished. Listening to people’s stories was very interesting.’

Corby Technical School’s Education Welfare Officer Mrs Toye said: ‘Our students learn all about grooming, the dangers of being online and what they should and shouldn’t do. Our students are really proactive and have delivered assemblies and both Aidan and Jenna were approached to take part in the conference. I was very proud when they stood up and spoke about the dangers of the online world and how they were proactively encouraging our students to be aware.

‘The Target programme is not scaremongering but promoting a greater awareness of online safety and our students certainly look forward to the sessions. Aidan and Jenna were really great ambassadors for the school and show what an impact the programme is having.'