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Sound advice from CTS's top performing GCSE student

CTS’s top performing GCSE student has sound advice for those wishing to follow in his footsteps – consistency and hard work are the keys to exam success.

Musad is celebrating attaining eight 9s and an 8 graded GCSE. He has earned a scholarship to prestigious Kimbolton School where he is planning to study A Level maths, further maths, physics and economics.

Musa said: ‘I put these results down to hard work ultimately because that is what changes everything. The most important factor is working consistently, efficiently and hard every single day. After school I would stay on until six and then go home and do two more hours of revision. I did whatever I could do between Year 10 and GCSE time to maximise my grade potential. I am most proud of maths result because that was one I was wavering on and that is what I need to get into further maths in Sixth Form.

‘A lot of students at Kimbolton School are from Hong Kong so it is a very competitive school. It was a hard interview process for the scholarship but I showed off my best qualities in that interview and managed to get through.

‘My aim is to get to the University of Cambridge. I have just been on a summer school there and ideally I’d like to go to Trinity College to do economics. At summer school they taught me a lot about the admissions process at Cambridge, how to maximise my potential and what I need to do academically to make my profile as good as possible.

‘I have been at Corby Technical School since Year 7. All the teachers have been excellent. I love how they put in so much work and you can feel how planned the lessons are.  My advice to students in Year 10 would be to revise for every mock you have and, once you get into Year 11, you need to put in the hard work every single day if you want to see the results.’