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CTS students learn music technology

Students from Corby Technical School are learning about music technology and production in a practical course with the Northamptonshire Music and Performing Arts Trust.

The students, from Year 9, will learn how to produce, edit and record their own music and they are planning to invite parents to a showcase event to share their talents.

The course, which will last for up to 17 weeks, is being delivered by John Calcott the Head of Music Production and Jess Orestano, a peripatetic teacher from Northamptonshire Music and Performing Arts Trust.

Mr Calcott said: ‘We are delivering a music technology project to students that otherwise would not have access to this type of educational opportunity. We are teaching six students at a time for 75 minutes, using professional equipment and software. Ultimately by the end of the project they will be able to produce, record and create their own music.  We have music producer backpacks containing a lap top, an audio interface, a midi controller keyboard and some headphones. In just an hour they have managed to create a four bar chord progression in a diatonic key to create something that sounds like a pop song.

‘Ideally they will be able to take the RSL Grade 1 exam, which is a recognised qualification, by the end of the course. The beauty of the software is that they can input their own musical notes, sample a sound, play a traditional instrument or use a mouse to click and drag items to create sound. It is a massively powerful program and one I am sure they will be able to master.

CTS’s Assistant Principal, Anna Jenkins said: ‘Students taking part have a real interest and passion for music. Quite a lot of them are self-taught musicians who have played around at home on software they have got online, but not had formal training so far. They will do one full lesson of music tech each week on rotation so they don’t miss too many of the same lessons. Thanks to the Travis Perkins Foundation which has sponsored the course. We feel hugely grateful as we are just one of three schools from across the county who are having this specialist training.’

Student Phillip N from Year 9 said ‘I play instruments including drums, keyboard, guitar and violin so I really enjoyed it. I found it very inspiring and it allowed me to express myself further in music. Being able to use the technology is amazing and really fun and I hadn’t tried anything like this before so it was interesting to try it and go into more depth.’

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