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DfE delegates visit CTS

Three policy advisers from the Department for Education visited  to learn about our technical education and curriculum.

Beth Simpson, Jane Tory and Robin Thurston had a tour of the school with Principal Angela Reynolds before talking to Vice Principal Linda Arnold, Daniel Rogers, Vocational and Careers Lead and Careers Adviser Julie Thompson.

The DfE delegates then took part in a student panel discussion with a small group comprising Years 7, 9, 11 and 13 so they could hear the students’ perspective of how the technical ethos is implemented throughout lessons.

Policy Adviser Beth Simpson said: ‘We are part of a team that looks at new and existing schools and their curriculum ideas. It is about learning lessons from what different people do. Our Ministers are really interested in technical education and so what we are doing is looking at schools that offer that sort of curriculum to see what we can learn. We are very, very impressed by what we are seeing at Corby Technical School. 

‘In particular we are looking at work that is done in KS3, to incorporate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) education. Generally it is looking at how students are participating in lessons and how their interests are being developed. It is also about engagement with employers and stimulating career aspirations in young people. This visit has been really interesting.’

Afterwards Mrs Thompson said: ‘As well as talking about technology in the curriculum we also spoke about the other enterprise activities we do,  including a focus on employability skills and how we incorporate those through our lessons and activities.'

The DfE  delegates in discussion with our students.