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CTS awarded Silver Status

Corby Technical School is proud to have achieved Silver status in The Anti Bullying Alliance: “All Together” initiative which took place last November.

In November 2019, we participated in The Anti Bullying Alliance: “All Together” initiative. Corby Technical School firmly supports their vision to - stop bullying and create a safe environment where our students can live, grow, play and learn.

The inherent processes that occur within school meant that we could dovetail our beliefs and readily evidence the Anti-Bullying Alliance’s auditing system. This practice enabled us to construct an anti-bullying action plan that is tailored to reinforce and augment our good practice.

Students responded to questionnaires and it was found that 95% felt safe at school. Although this is a high figure, we endeavour to ensure that all students feel safe. Subsequently, we are constantly reviewing areas within school to meet the needs of our evolving students, through robust action planning.

To ensure all “voices” informed the work, we constructed The Wellbeing Forum. This is a group of students who speak with their peers and feedback to staff issues raised. For example, some of the younger students felt  “unsafe” around the locker areas due to the high volume of students that congregated at the day’s end. The Senior Leadership Team took action and lockers were relocated to ensure that students could access the areas more confidently. Other initiatives raised was that some students wanted support with feeling safer online and we were able to engage with the Services of Service Six to provide Online Protective Behaviours to support our students to develop the skills they needed to feel safer online.

The Student Care Team work closely, alongside the teaching staff, to improve student achievement and remove barriers to learning. This is alongside providing opportunities for personal development. Consequently, as a school, we are delighted to have been awarded Silver status in demonstrating our work in reducing bullying and improving the wellbeing of our students.