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Corby Technical School awarded Gold Status

Corby Technical School is awarded Gold Status.

Corby Technical School are delighted to share that they have achieved Gold Status in the Anti-Bullying Alliances All Together Programme. This Award makes CTS an ‘All Together School’ and is awarded as a result of the school providing evidence of the work they do to reduce bullying and improve the wellbeing of all students. Over the last two years, CTS have been building on the excellent work done to achieve the Silver Status. A whole school anti-bullying programme was introduced, supported by The Department for Education and The Anti-Bullying Alliance, alongside Northamptonshire County Council.

At the start of the programme, staff at CTS made a commitment to continually evolve their own practice, and targeted professional development was provided for all staff in the school through online training modules via The Anti Bullying Alliance and The National College. This ensured that all staff had the tools and strategies to deal with unacceptable behaviour that was reported to them and were equipped to resolve peer to peer conflict.

In the early stages of the work completed this year, students at the school were surveyed so that their voices formed the basis of the action plan that the school put together. The pastoral team were pleased to find that overall students felt safe at school, and felt that when a situation arose it was taken seriously and responded to promptly. A student in year 10, Anya, said, “Personally, I believe that coming to school is a great experience. I feel safe, because any incidences of bullying are fully dealt with in such a way that pupils feel like they can still work effectively without a worry or fear of being bullied”.

The school were required to share strategies that particularly related to those students who are perceived to be at higher risk from unwanted attention: This includes children in the care of the local community, young carers, any student targeted because of their race or faith, those students who are or are perceived to be LGBTQ and those with SEND. Students spent a whole week in tutor time completing sessions with an anti-bullying theme with their tutors. This included sessions on ‘How to be an upstander and make a difference’ as well as ‘What is banter?’. At the end of the week, students wore odd socks for anti-bullying week, and made pledges that were displayed within the year group zones. Students were also introduced to a new poster in each tutor base that displays the clear steps that a student can take if they need to report peer-on-peer conflict, either involving themselves or others.

As part of the programme of support for their students’ emotional wellbeing, CTS took part in Northamptonshire’s Mental Health Awareness Day in order to reduce the stigma around Mental Health. Some of the students and staff in school recorded a dance together that was shared on Twitter to celebrate this and raise the profile of their work. During the Lockdown, staff supported students with the message “it’s ok not to be ok” through assemblies and online tutor times, and information was shared on what to do if students require support. As well as having a dedicated pastoral team, CTS have a number of external agencies that support students on a weekly basis and offer access to early drug and alcohol prevention, school nurses, The Safer Schools Partnership and Service Six who ensure that students are educated about their online behaviour and how to stay safe.

Vice Principal Elizabeth James said, ‘receiving this Gold status award is a testament to the work that goes on within the school across the whole community. Students, staff and parents/carers work together to make CTS a safe place to be. Like all schools, we cannot guarantee that bullying will never happen, but we are confident that as a result of our robust procedures and well-informed team, students have a safe place to learn.’ The school will now be proudly displaying their gold badge on their letter head and website, as they continue to uphold the highest standards in student care. Well done to all involved!