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Lyrical Lockdown

Several students from different year groups at CTS came together to take part in the Corby Lyrical Lockdown performance last weekend. Mr Cox received contact from the Corby Cube advertising this opportunity and a number of our students were courageous enough to attend. Over a six week programme, they worked with music coaches to compose a song (they collaborated with Olivia from Kingswood on the lyrics). This song was then performed in a brand new performance space in Corby, both to a live audience and an online stream.

The students who took part were:

  • Anthony M (7CU) – DJ
  • Urszula M (8TA) - Keyboard
  • Rhian H (9ST) – Vocals
  • Danielle B (10TA) – Vocals
  • Andrew TH (10CO) – Film and Production Crew

Andrew described it as, ‘one of the best experiences I have had’, and also said, ‘this will help me to kick-start my career in the media industry’. Danielle explained, ‘working as a collective was new to me, but I thoroughly enjoyed it’. Rhian told me all about taking part, saying, ‘being in this group is like having a second family. I love how we can be honest  if something goes wrong, but we all support each other too’.

Well done to all those involved. It takes a lot of confidence to put yourself forward for something like this, and you have all certainly done us proud. The students’ passion for music is evident in the performance, as is their sense of ensemble and communication with each other. Hopefully this is the first of many performances our students will do in this wonderful new performance space in the centre of the town.

See the performance here from 46:18