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France Trip 2018

A group of Year 8 students recently visited Boulogne-Sur-Mer in the North of France to learn more about the culture.

The students took part in a number of activities during their trip including a visit to a local chocolate factory where they were able to find out more about the production process and explored an old WW2 rocket launching facility. The students also enjoyed learning more about the culture on their visit to the old town of Boulogne. Other activities included kayaking, visiting Europe's biggest aquarium and spending an afternoon at a theme park.

Languages Teacher Mr Jonathan McRae-Smith said: ‘We run this trip annually as we want the students to experience another country and culture. Many of them have had little experience outside of England.

‘The weather was wonderful all week and the students had lots of fun. They enjoyed the challenge of speaking a different language and were able to try traditional French cuisine.

‘The students gained a new understanding of how different countries can be both similar and different to England. I hope that it will inspire them to explore and travel more in the future.’