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Appeals Information

Appealing for a school place

Parents/carers have the right to appeal an admission decision by the Academy. All appeals are heard by the Independent Appeals Panel in accordance with the School Admissions Code. Please see below link to our FAQs for further information.

Year 7 place for September 2023

Timetable for September 2023 Admissions

Wednesday 1st March 2023

National Offer Day

Friday 14th April 2023, 5.00pm


Deadline for parents to lodge written Appeal (Min 20 days after notification from LA)

(At least 20 school days from notification of unsuccessful application)

Wednesday 10th May 2022

Deadline for parents to be notified of the date and arrangements for the Appeal Hearing

(post day before with guaranteed next day delivery)

Deadline for the school to supply the Clerk of the Independent Appeals Panel with all relevant documentation needed to conduct the Appeals Hearing

Deadline for the Clerk to send Appeal Papers to the Panel and relevant Parties

(At least 10 school days before first day of appeal window)

Tuesday 6th June 2023

Deadline for any further evidence from the school or from parents that was not sent with the original Appeal, to be submitted to the Clerk of the Independent Appeals Panel

(5 school days before first day of appeal window)

Tuesday 13th June – Monday 19th June 2023

Appeal Hearings at the Holiday Inn, Geddington Road, Corby, Northamptonshire,
NN18 8ET

(max 40 days from appeal lodging deadline)

Monday 26th June 2023

Deadline for Decision Letters to be sent by the Clerk to Parents    

(5 school days after the last day of appeal window)


In-Year application

If you wish to appeal an admission decision for an in-year place, please follow this link to apply. For any queries relating to appeals please contact