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Apps to be aware of


This app looks like a calculator but functions like a secret photo vault. There are quite a few of these in the App Stores.

Hot or Not
Strangers rate your profile. The goal is to lead to a hook up.

A free online chat web site that promotes chatting anonymously to strangers.

Burn Book
Post anonymous rumours about people through audio messages, texts and photos.

Yubo - Get friends * Get real * Go live - Yubo

Yubo (formerly Yellow)
The app is designed to allow teens to flirt with each other in a Tinder-like atmosphere.

An app that allows users to compare kids against each other and rate them on a scale.

An anonymous app where the creators promote sharing secrets and meeting new people.

Message app. Kik has built in apps and web content that would be filtered on a home computer.
Ask an anonymous question and get an answer. This app has been linked to the most severe forms of cyberbullying.

Many kids are now creating fake accounts to hide content from parents.