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Art and Design

Course Content The skills which you gained in your GCSE will not only serve you well throughout your future careers but it will directly allow you to access the skills needed in your advanced studies. The ability to communicate your individual creative thinking is a passport to exciting future careers in 2D and 3D Design. Studying this A Level course allows you to gain the skills, breadth of knowledge and the opportunities to follow your career into many Degree Courses. The course will encourage the use of your observation skills and a keen focus on the quality of work, not quantity. Your exploration will move through different areas of design from painting, 3D construction, and printmaking to ceramics. You will be encouraged to personally respond to the chosen themes of work. During the course you will visit national and local exhibitions to analyse and discus the work produced by artists and designers.
Examination Details

AS Level Marking Breakdown

Component 1: Portfolio
60% of AS Grade
Component 2: Externally Set Assignment
40% of AS Grade,Preparatory Period + 10 hour supervised exam.

A Level Marking Breakdown
Component 1: Personal Investigation
60% of A-Level Grade
Component 2: Externally Set Assignment
40% of A-Level Grade
Preparatory Period + 15 hour supervised exam.

Career Pathways On completion of the course, students can progress in this field either via a one year Foundation course or by directly applying to study at Degree Level. Completing this course provides you with the skills, knowledge and opportunities to study or work within the Art and Design Field.

This includes but is not limited to: Advertising, Illustrator, Fashion Designer, Architect, Interior Designer, Artist, Jeweller, Animator, Web Designer, Video Game Design, Photographer, Tattoo Artist, Curator.
Entry Criteria Grade C in any Art based subject is desired.