Assembly and Tutor Time

CTS have assembly and/or tutor time everyday. These are highly important activities within our school day, as it: contributes to student motivation through recognition of achievement, develops school spirit and unity among students, it also bridges the gap between what they learn in lessons and how they can be applied to everyday situations. Assemblies cover student well-being and have themes each week therefore there is variety throughout the year to ensure that it is enjoyable for the students.

Tutor time is a time within the school day where students can ask any questions that they might have to their form tutor, or express any concerns. This is important as the tutor is an integral part of a student's life at school. Tutor time is filled with a variety of activities, such as developing current affairs knowedge by watching the news, curriculum subject based quizzes and a time to reflect on their week.

Assembly Rotas for 2017-2018


Tutor Time Rotas 2017-2018

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Tutor Time Plan 2017-2018

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