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 Attendance matters for all students

  • Good attendance is essential for students to make the most of their ability and perform well. 
  • National statistics show that students who attend school regularly do better in education overall.
  • Absences leave students unsure about their work, finding it hard to catch up. 
  • Behaviour can be affected.
  • Absences can disrupt friendship groups leaving a student, on their return, to feel left out.
  • Students can miss out on key information and good attendance shows commitment and a desire to learn.
  • The first question asked when prospective employers or schools/colleges ask for references is frequently related to attendance. This often comes before questions about honesty or examination results.

How does the school try to ensure good attendance?

  • We emphasise to the students the need for good attendance.
  • We do not authorise absences without a good reason.
  • We contact you if your child is absent and we have not heard from you. 

Reporting an absence

If your child is going to be absent from school, please ensure you phone the school before 8:15am on 01536 213100 to give a reason for the absence. If an explanation is not received, it will be recorded as unauthorised and a text message will be sent from the school or a telephone call will be made. A home visit may occur as a follow up action.

Please make sure we know your up-to-date contact details.

  • We monitor attendance carefully and contact you if your child’s attendance drops below 95%.
  • The Education Welfare Officer is likely to meet with children and families in school if their attendance drops below 90%.
  • If attendance problems continue we will ask you to meet us to discuss the way forward. If a number of absences are unauthorised you may be issued with a fixed penalty notice and be given a fine.
  • The parents of children whose attendance is persistently low may be prosecuted.

How can parents help?

  • Parents are legally obliged to make sure their child attends school regularly. Only the school can authorise an absence. Students should aim for at least 97% attendance.
  • Do not take your child out of school for a holiday. National guidelines mean that we will not be able to authorise such an absence except in exceptional circumstances.
  • Do not make non-urgent medical appointments during the school day.

Attendance Team

The Vice Principal with responsibility for Student Care is Miss Eddy (

The Education Welfare Officer is Miss Adams,

If your child's attendance remains unsatisfactory and despite support from the school staff a referral to the Education Inclusion Partnership Team (Local Authority) may be made for consideration of legal action. This could include a prosecution or a Penalty Notice being issued.

Student Sickness Policy - In School Protocol

If a student feels unwell they must report to their form tutor. The form tutor will then assess the situation and report to a Vice Principal if they feel the student needs to go home.

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