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Co-curricular Clubs

As a student at CTS, we want you to develop the skills and attributes that will support you in making a success of yourself throughout your life. We focus on the key employability skills so that you will be ready for a fast-changing global market. 

Our curriculum encompasses a broad range of activities to help you to develop your love of learning beyond the classroom and to ignite your ambition as well as supporting you to become an active citizen who is proud to serve the community you belong to. You will be able to organise yourself and others, developing the skills you need to be effective team member in a variety of contexts. 

Joining a club, or several clubs is a brilliant way for you to develop your personal skills: You will have the chance to learn new skills, make friends and have fun all at the same time. Some of our clubs are linked to the subjects you do in school, but many are very different to your normal lessons. Whatever your interests, there is definitely something for you. 

Below you can see some examples of the sort of clubs available. To check what is on offer this term please look on Edu-link where you can also sign up to clubs each week.

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10

Have a look through and decide which ones you would like to join. Some clubs are just for your year group, others are mixed year groups which provide a great opportunity to make new friends who share similar interests. 

Once you have made your choices, click on the Edu-link button and book your places in the clubs you would like to do this term. 

If you have a question about our clubs please click on the help & advice section.