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Computer Science and IT

Computer Science is at the heart of Corby Technical School’s technical ethos and allows students to develop their problem solving skills as well as developing a solid understanding of computer systems and software development.

We teach Computer Science to ensure that students are prepared for the technical world that they are about to engage with. A broad curriculum ensures that pupils are equipped with key ICT skills which can be utilised in both academic and vocational pursuits, as well as developing skills required to design and build software and understand and utilise key computer hardware.

Computer Science builds resilience to failure as well as forming the confidence to solve difficult problems. This ensures that students are readied for the rigour of out ever expanding technology-driven world.

Curriculum Intent – Vocational ICT

Vocational ICT prepares students for careers in the digital industries. Students are given the opportunity to design and develop games, utilise graphic design applications and design and build websites.

We teach Vocational ICT to ensure that students are prepared for careers which require a working knowledge of digital applications. In a world dominated by social media It is becoming ever more vital for employees to be able to create and edit web content to maintain a strong customer base.

In Vocational ICT students are given the opportunity to explore their creativity through regular chances to design digital products. Bringing their designs to fruition will build confidence and provide a high sense of achievement.