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Computing Department

Computer Science is at the heart of Corby Technical School’s technical ethos and allows students to develop their problem solving skills as well as developing a solid understanding of computer systems and software development.  The acquisition of these specific technical skills, alongside our commitment to developing transferrable skills through collaborative working and replicating industry practices in the classroom, ensures that we support Corby Technical School students with becoming the most employable students in Corby in an ever-changing digital world.  

The department offers a range of extra-curricular activities to allow students to utlilise and extend their knowledge and skills from the classroom. Clubs prepare students for careers in specific technical industries such as robotic design, games development and machine learning. All clubs are designed to help students develop transferable technical skills as well gaining an insight into a number of technical careers.  

The Computer Science department is made up of subject specialists with a range of skills and industry backgrounds. Excellent teaching and high quality accessible resources are at the heart of the department’s teaching practice and a fully online resource bank using Microsoft Teams ensures that students can continue and expand their learning outside of the classroom. Lessons are designed to ensure that all ability levels are able to access work and all students have an opportunity to experience success and challenge. 

Our curriculum is sequenced to ensure the acquisition of core knowledge and every module is designed to build upon the learning in previous lessons. Our programming curriculum ensures that key programming constructs are embedded through continual practice in multiple languages, building difficulty and complexity as students progress through each academic year.  

Students work towards using industry standard programming languages meaning they are prepared for utilising their knowledge and skill beyond the classroom. Our programming curriculum encourages students to embrace failure and teaches that failure provides the best opportunity to experience the joy of solving a difficult problem.  

Both our classroom and wider curriculum teaches students about moral and ethical considerations specific to the digital world and technical industries. This focus ensures that all of our students are responsible digital citizens who uphold the core British Values both in and out of school.  

We offer two courses; Computer Science and Creative iMedia, click on the tabs at the side to find out more.