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The school has a dedicated drama studio with lighting rig, and sound system as well as a fully weighted curtains that provide professional stage spacing.  

Drama is taught in modules as part of our technical enrichment programme.  The focus is collaborative performance skills.  This offers students a bespoke insight into the subject whether they choose to study this at GCSE or if their is to contribute as part of our extra-curricular provision.

Drama is an option that students have the opportunity to adopt as part of their GCSEs. Students will begin studying the subject from Year 9.  As part of this course Year 9 study five bespoke topics to prepare them for their examination pieces.  As part of the course it is a requirement that all GCSE students visit professional performances to carry out a live theatre evaluation in the written examination.

As a student who has a passion and interest for the subject there are several opportunities to get involved.  There is a Spring show every year where students can either perform or offer technical support.  The school encourages more experienced students to take leadership in devising and directing.  There is a Christmas talent showcase every year which allows students to share their creative abilities with the rest of the school.  

For all students in teh school we endeavour to offer a West End Theatre experience.  Previous visits have included The Lion King, Aladdin, and The School of Rock.