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Enrichment Opportunities

Alongside your studies, being fully involved in the life of the school will offer exciting opportunities to expand your skill set.  Having the courage to take responsibility for an extracurricular club, signing up for work experience or volunteering at a local primary school will give you the edge when applying for university or employment. These fantastic opportunities develop confident leaders who have the skills to work in a team, make decisions and work independently.

Enrichment opportunities are an important and significant area of learning as they provide students with new and challenging experiences. These opportunities allow students to develop new skills, take risks, experiment with new experiences and consequently grow in self-confidence.

Corby Technical School offers a positive, creative environment with high aspirations for all our students.

Enrichment and Personal Development Programme (EPD)

At Corby Technical School it is our aim to create the most employable students in Corby. The EPD (Enrichment and Personal Development) Programme helps students to meet the demands of employers by developing their employability skills such as leadership, organisation and management alongside their academic qualifications. The core elements of this programme are delivered through two timetabled lessons each week in Year 12. This will provide students with the time to explore the array of wonderful opportunities on offer.

Students are actively encouraged to participate in this programme; they may act as mentors for younger students, support extracurricular activities, volunteer for a charity or complete work experience

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a Level 3 course taken alongside ‘A’ levels. An EPQ is valued amongst higher education institutions as it demonstrates dedication to independent learning and contributes towards entry requirements at many universities.

An EPQ is an excellent taster of university-style learning as it is effectively an independent research project which can, but does not have to, relate to an A Level subject that is being studied. This is delivered as one lesson each week during our co-curricular programme.

Work Experience

We ensure students have access to many meaningful encounters with employers through talks, visits and events, as well as experiences of various workplaces. During the sixth form, career-entry routes are fully explored and explained, including apprenticeships and further education opportunities.

All students will have the opportunity to complete work experience, as this is a great way to learn more about the world of work and gain valuable skills that will enhance your CV and help you standout.