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Our expectations of Sixth Form Students

Every student is allocated their own locker and they will need to supply their own padlock for security.

Students are expected to leave their possessions in their locker except for the equipment they need for their immediate lessons.

They will need to supply their own stationery, including pens, lined paper, pencils and a calculator if needed.  Students may be required to order additional resources for certain subjects.

  • Sixth Form students are only allowed to use an iPod, phone or other MP3 player when they are in an independent study lesson; Students are not to walk around the school building listening to music.
  • As with all staff students in school the taking of photographs in school is prohibited unless authorised by Principal.
  • We will provide sixth formers with a lanyard and card holder and we would strongly encourage students to wear this at all times in order to foster a sixth form identity.
  • Students cannot use each other's cards and, if the card is lost, any balance can be reloaded onto a replacement card. Replacement cards will be charged at £5.
  • All communal areas are for dual use between staff and sixth formers – a working atmosphere of mutual respect is encouraged with neither group having precedence over the areas. It is encouraged that sixth formers will work in areas of subjects that they have chosen where possible so they can see seek support from subject staff.
  • Students and their parents are expected to sign an acceptable use agreement, and by doing this agree to follow the expectations contained within this.