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Welcome to Geography

The study of geography at Corby Technical School stimulates an interest in people and places as well as enabling students to understand complex questions and ideas about the dynamic human and physical world in the past and present and which may arise in the future. The subject will explain where places are, changing landscapes and places as well as how people and the environment interact and in impacts arising from this. Students will be shown the interconnectedness of the world and the complex dynamic changes taking place.

Work carried out by students at Corby Technical School will encourage autonomous development though critical thinking, investigations and questioning the factors affecting our world and the impact this has on our lives now and in the future. One major component of these course is fieldwork; students will be given multiple opportunities to develop independent investigative skills though discovering new places and landscapes. Throughout the years students will learn to think like a geographer and learn how to become global citizens.

Throughout all 7 years of Geography at Corby Technical School we will continue to develop your child’s literacy skills as well as geographical skills to ensure they receive the best education across the curriculum. 

There will be many other opportunities arising throughout the school such as a trip to Iceland in year 13 if there is enough interest. 

Please click on the links below to view the curriculum content for each Year group.

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