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Students who want to explore the depths of the world around them will enjoy taking A-Level Geography. Our A Level Geography qualification develops students’ understanding of physical and human geography from a local through to a global scale. They develop practical fieldwork skills as they explore and think critically about the interactions between people and the environment and the issues arising.

Students will explore how the landscape can be viewed as a system, how landforms developed within their chosen landscape and the influences of both climate and human activity on this. Students develop an understanding of landscape systems by studying coastal landscapes followed by earth’s support systems. Students also study human processes and develop a picture of how the world around them is shaped by humans, starting from the local and moving out to regional, national and international scales, they will do this by looking at global systems and global governance. Moreover, we have big focus on literacy and developing students writing and analytical skills so they are prepared for the intricacies and challenges of studying A Level Geography and beyond.

Course Structure:


Physical systems (01)

Human interaction (02)

Geographical debates (03)

Investigative geography (04/05)


Landscape systems (coastal)

Earth’s support systems

Changing spaces

Global connections- Trade in the contemporary world

Global governance- Human Rights

In depth study  and critical reflection on future of food and geography of diseases

Students carry out independent research


Component 1 - 66 Mark Exam - 1 hour 30 mins 22%

Component 2 - 66 Mark Exam - 1 hour 30 mins 22%

Component 3 - 108 Mark Exam - 2 hours 30 mins 36%

Component 4 - 60 Marks - 20%



Career Pathways:

A Level Geography will provide you with the skills required of an undergraduate - an inquiring mind and the ability evaluate sources, build coherent arguments, and the research skills required to write an extended piece of writing


Entry Criteria:

Grade 6 or above in English and Grade 6 or above in Geography.