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Help & advice

If you have any questions about our clubs try looking at our 'FAQs' below.  If you still want to know more, please contact your tutor.

Student FAQs

How do I know what clubs are operating? 

There are posters in your form rooms listing all the clubs on offer this term – you can also look on the website where you will find the same posters so you can look at them at home as well as in school and make up your mind which clubs are for you. 

How do I book onto a club? 

Click on the Edu-Link button on the website. The school ID to access Edulink is cts. Then use your school email and password to log in. Then you will see all the clubs available to you and can book the ones you would like to join for this term. 

I'm a new Year 7 pupil, what's my login?

Year 7 student e-mails are formatted as follows:

  • CTS21<initial><surname>
    • i.e Joe Bloggs would be
    • if you child has a double barrelled name, the full surname should be used without any hyphen or space.
  • Year 7 Student passwords are defaulted to their date of birth in DDMMYYY format.
    • i.e 4th May 2009 would be 04052009
    • Students may have already reset their password in school and if so, will need to use their new password.

Do I need to book onto the same club every week, or can I choose different clubs to attend? 

Homework club is a drop-in session so you can book this weekly. Aside from that, please book on to the same club for the whole term. You will be able to choose new clubs each term so there are lots of chances to try out different things. 

I booked onto a club, but I now have a dentist appointment and can’t attend, what do I do? 

Please let the club leader know that you will not be able to attend – email is the easiest way to do this. The teacher will understand that you are not able to be at your club that week and will look forward to seeing you next week. 

What resources do I need to bring to an after-school club? 

If it is a sport club, you will need to bring along your PE kit, for other clubs just bring yourselves. If your teacher would like you to bring anything later in the term, they will let you know. 

Do I need to wear school uniform to attend after-school clubs? 

Yes, clubs run from 3 – 4pm so you will go directly to your club after lesson 5 and will still be in your school uniform. If you are doing a particular activity which means you need to wear alternative clothes, your teacher will tell you the week before. 

There is a club I really wanted to attend, but there are no places left, what can I do? 

Complete the form here to register your interest. In the event that a place becomes available for you, you will be contacted and asked to join. 

I booked onto a club, but I no longer seem to be registered, I am not sure why. 

If there appears to be an error, please contact the member of staff operating the club and they will be able to help you.  Students who book places onto clubs but do not attend may be removed from that club to ensure that other students get the opportunity to attend.  If you have a genuine reason for not attending e.g. illness, please e-mail the member of staff operating the club to make them aware.  You will not be removed from a club in this instance. 


All of our behaviour policies remain the same in our after-school provision.  As this provision is optional, students who are not able to meet our behaviour expectations after-school will not be permitted to join our provision.  We hope that all students will meet our expectations and take full advantage of the many activities on offer. 

Parent/Carer FAQs

How much will the clubs cost?

Most of our clubs will be provided to students free of charge as they are organised by school staff.  There will be occasions where it is necessary to charge a fee to attend an after school club.  This will be clearly described, and separate communication will be sent out with regard to these charges in advance of the club beginning. 

When do the after-school clubs run?

Most clubs will run from 3:00pm until 4:00pm.  There may be some exceptions if there is a special event such as a concert rehearsal or late sports fixture.  Your child will be aware when there is a late session for a club.

How does my child sign up for after-school clubs?

In order to promote responsibility and independence, students will be responsible for booking themselves into the after-school club provision.  The link is available on our website and students can sign in using any device, either at school or at home.  There is also an app available that students can download onto their phones to use in their own time.

My child does not want to attend the after-school clubs, can they stay in school after 3:00pm?

All students staying on after-school must be registered into a club.  We have a quiet study club that children can attend to complete their school-work on a Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.  Students are not permitted to stay on after-school for any other reason.

Who will be operating our after-school clubs?

Most of our clubs will be operated by school or Brooke Weston Trust staff.  On some occasions staff from outside our organisation will be operating clubs.  All necessary DBS checks will have taken place before we allow anyone else to work with our students.

Will any of the clubs be held off-site?

Some clubs will be operating off-site.  For example, our Combined Cadet Force, will operate from Corby Business Academy.  As a parent you will be sent separate information regarding any arrangements for collection if your child is taking part in a club/fixture that is off-site.

If I need to collect my child at 4:00pm, where will they be?

At 4:00pm students will be using our front entrance to exit the building and make their way home.  Please bear in mind that students will be collecting their belongings from their lockers before making their way out of the building.

How will my child know what clubs there are to attend?

Posters will be on display in school to advertise the clubs. Students can also find all necessary information on our school website so that they can browse through this information at their leisure from home.

My child is in Year 9, will there be students from other year groups attending the same club?

Some of our clubs are exclusively for a particular year group and some will be open to students in all year groups.  We hope to develop confident and resilient students and we are sure that students working together on like-minded activities are sure to form positive and friendly relationships.

My child wanted to attend a club but it is at maximum capacity, what can they do?

Most clubs with a maximum number of students so that we can ensure that they run safely.  Students can complete the form here to register their interest if there is a club that they wish to attend, but it is at capacity.

How will I know if my child is attending an after school club?

The compulsory school day finishes at 3:00pm for all students (with the exception of Year 11 who all stay in lessons until 4:00pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday).  We expect that parents/carers will have communication with their child as to their whereabouts after school and whether they are staying after school or not.   In addition to you being able to review the clubs your child has booked onto, you will be able to use the Edulink system to check whether your child is present in those sessions.  Please note that we will not be contacting parents/carers if a child who has booked onto a club is not present for registration as we expect parents/carers to use the Edulink system if they would like to check.  If you have reason to be concerned about your child’s whereabouts, please contact reception and we will support you just as we would at any other time.