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Homework Guidance

Homework is important at all stages in a child’s education and when used properly it extends the challenge open to the pupil and ensures that teaching time is used to maximum effect. Homework will only be set if it’s appropriate to the needs of the children. The task set will be accessible to all students. Longer term project homework can be difficult for students to manage – teachers will consider this when setting and chunk it into manageable stages for students. Student’s performance for homework will be reflected in their ‘Attitude to Learning’ grade on termly reports.Homework will have clear and relevant objectives, and develop learning; teachers will give careful consideration to the quality of task they are setting, for example

  • Learning vocab /keywords in advance of a class test
  • Consolidating a new skill learned in the lesson, such as practising a certain style of exam question.
  • Tackling material that introduces a topic in advance of a lesson (flipped learning)