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Welcome to Humanities

At Corby Technical School we're passionate about the Humanities subjects and the impact they have on our everyday life. We study a wide range of topics within each of the specialisms. Our lessons use real world examples, news stories, field trips and practical activities.

To find out what we've been up to in each of the specialisms follow the links below.

Geography is the study is the study of the world around us. A subject that is wide ranging and exciting. We look at questions like, why do more people die in earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes in poorer countries than richer ones, to why the coast is eroding away. Geography looks at our place in the world and how our actions can affect that of the landscapes, people and the environments around us.

History is the study of the past, present and future. A subject that reflects the mistakes and lessons of our past to stop us from making the same errors time and time again. We look at questions like, why did USA lose against Vietnam in the 1960s? How did Hitler's decisions lead to his downfall? What was the Holocaust like?

RSCS looks at the key questions of life, love and living. It looks at why humans feel the need to go to war, why some people priorotise becoming rich over becoming happy. It looks at your future, your skills and your relationships with others.

Sociology is a GCSE option which you can study from year 9 onwards. The study of people in society, the rules that govern our behaviours, how they are enforced and what benefits they bring us. Sociology looks at the impact that the social structures we are part of like the family and education have on us and the way we behave.