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KS4 Maths


At Corby Technical School, the KS4 GCSE programme begins in Year 9 and follows the Edexcel teaching programme.

The new Maths GCSE will be assessed through three equally weighted written Examination papers at either Foundation tier or Higher tier (a student must take all three papers at the same tier).The grading is 9 – 1 overall, with questions targeted at grades 1 – 5 at Foundation tier and at grades 4 – 9 at Higher tier.

The schemes of work are based on a model of progression which is part of the wider picture. Yearly schemes of work (at Foundation and Higher tiers) are designed to be used to ensure that students move through the programme of study in order to consolidate their understanding. 

The new curriculum places a greater emphasis on problem solving and mathematical reasoning. These changes are designed to help students emerge from GCSE with a greater confidence and fluency that will provide a solid foundation for the rest of their learning and working lives.

Regular topic and end of term assessments take place to monitor students’ progress towards their targets.

 You can download the Edexcel GCSE maths guide by clicking on the icon left, it will explain all the changes to GCSE maths and the new grading structure.