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Key Stage 4 Options

Choosing your Key Stage 4 options is an important decision, and we want to support every student to make the right choice, it can often feel a daunting process, but I want to reassure you that everyone at Corby Technical School will support students throughout the process.

These pages will help you by giving you information about the courses on offer and how the process works

The subjects we offer are intended to offer a broad range of choices whilst ensuring you continue to study a balanced curriculum that will leave as many future careers or A-levels open to you for your post-16 options. All students are expected to study English Baccalaureate (EBacc) subjects, geography or history and Spanish. We strongly believe that taking the EBacc gives students a broad curriculum.

You should ensure that your choices also offer the opportunity to develop skills beyond those in the core academic subjects, courses in the arts, technology and sport should be considered to give your curriculum additional breadth.

Students will have support and guidance from both pastoral and academic staff who will work with students while they are making these important choices. The support and encouragement parents can provide at this important stage of a child’s education is also critical. We are looking forward to working directly with the parent of every child in the year and working together to ensure all our students at Corby Technical School are successful. Please see below a presentation that was given at options evening. We hope that you find the information you need here and on this page. If not, please do ask.

What is the EBacc, and why should I take it?

The EBacc is not a qualification in its own right – it’s a combination of GCSE subjects, including a language, that offer an important range of knowledge and skills to young people. Taking the EBacc future proofs your prospects, while you may not have decided on your future career path yet, choosing the EBacc at GCSE gives you access to a full range of employment options when you leave secondary school and the broad knowledge that employers are looking for.

If you are thinking of going to university, the EBacc is also recommended by Britain’s most prestigious universities. Research shows that students studying EBacc subjects for GCSE, are more likely to stay in education after the age of 16.

A student achieves the EBacc if they have gained a GCSE grade 5 or above in

  • English
  • Maths
  • Combined Science or two of the Separate Sciences
  • Geography or History
  • Language

As a school we know that taking the EBacc is the right choice for  students. You can find more information about the EBacc here.

How many subjects can I choose?

You will be able to choose four subjects plus a reserve choice, while we try our hardest to give everyone their choices, there are time when this is not possible, in which case you will get you reserve choice. All students need to select Spanish as well as either History or Geography. This will leave students with two 'free' preferences.

Key Stage 4 Options Survey

At the beginning of the process we ask students to complete a survey telling us what subjects they think they would like to take at GCSE. This information helps us to plan the final option blocks, we will not hold students to these initial choices but would ask that they are as honest as possible.

Students can only access the survey once.

Key Stage 4 Final Options Preference Form

Please follow the link below to complete your final options preferences.  If you need information about subjects please look through the option booklet and at the videos on the optional choices page, this will help you make your choices. You have four option blocks and need to choose one subject in each block and a reserve choice Make sure that one of your choices is Spanish and that you have selected Geography or History in one of your blocks.