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Last Year's Adventure

A number of Year 8 students went to France for their residential between the 26th May to 29th May 2015. Here's a summary of what we did each day.

After an early start (4.30am!) the coach took us to Dover where we made the crossing to Calais. After the ferry, we made our way to the Nausica Centre where we spent a few hours exploring the aquarium. After this, we went to the beach where the students and staff enjoyed a break from the long coach trip. After leaving the beach refreshed, we carried on our journey to the Chateau du Broutel where we were greeted by the staff and instructors. That evening we had an early welcoming dinner, followed by team games.

 Day 1 - Looking back at Dover from the Ferry
Day 1 - Looking back at Dover from the Ferry

Day 1 - Students posing for a photo outside the Nausica Centre

After an early start, we took the coach to the town of Berck for the local market which gave the students a chance to test their lingustic abilities with the local people. We all then travelled to Berck Beach where the students were able to see how the beach was reprofiled to help stop coastal erosion. After a quick stop back at the Chateau for lunch, we were back on our way for a guided tour of the local town, Rue. the students were able to see some of the historical sights of the town including the Saint Esprit Chapel. In the evening, the students took part in The Chateau Olympics.

Day 2 - The students testing the linguistic abilities with the aid of Miss Worth

Day 2 - The students taking a tour of Rue including the Saint Esprit Chapel

The students and staff went to see some key battlefields from the Battle of the Somme. We walked through some preserved trenches and visited the Thiepval Memorial. The students were able to see some weapons and standard military uniforms used during the World War. This was followed with a tour of the Battlefields Museum. For the last evening, the students had a campfire before packing for the next day. 


Day 3 - Visiting the Lochnager Mine Crater

Day 3 - Visiting the Thiepval Memorial

 The morning of their departure, the students took part in a number of activites at the Chateau, including Zip wire, survival skills, archery and rifling. We then started our long journey to Calais, where the ferry was waiting to take us back to Dover, then to Corby. We arrived back at Corby Technical School at 10pm, ready for a well deserved weekend! 




Day 4 - Students testing their skills on the Archery Range

Day 4 - Students showing their targets from the Rifle Range