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Mathematics and Further Maths





Pure Maths 1 & 2

These modules include Proof, Algebra (heavy content), Functions, Coordinate Geometry, Sequences & Series, Trigonometry,  Logarithms, Differentiation/Integration, Vectors


This module includes sampling, data, probability, statistical distribution, hypothesis and working with a meteorological data set.


This module comprises of Forces, Moments, Kinematics

Further Maths

Further Pure Maths 1 & 2- as A Level but more in depth study

You can choose 2 of:

  • Further Pure
  • Further Statistics
  • Further Mechanics
  • Decision


100% exam at the end of the course

Pure Maths 1 – 2 hours (100 marks)

Pure Maths 2 – 2 hours (100 marks)

Statistics and Mechanics – 2 hours (100 Marks)*

*Section A – Statistics

*Section B – Mechanics

Further Maths

4 exams – 1.5 hours (75 marks)


Career Pathways:

Actuary, Accountant, Statistician, Stockbroker, Engineer, Meteorologist, Quantity Surveyor, Software Tester, Analyst, Market Researcher, Space /Aircraft Industry, Banking.

University Courses e.g. Computer Science, Chemistry, Biology and Life Sciences, Medicine/Nursing, Dentistry, Business Management Studies, Finance, Architecture, Geology, Maths.

Highly sought after in degrees e.g. Psychology and Geography 


Entry Criteria:

For A level mathematics grade 7 or above in GCSE Mathematics, for A level Further Mathematics we require grade 8 in GCSE Mathematics