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At Corby Technical School, Media Studies is an optional subject students can choose from year 9. We offer Media at GCSE and A-Level.

Media Studies is the study of:

·       A range of different media platforms and the conventions of these platforms.

·       An analysis of language and representation.

·       Knowledge and understanding of production and marketing.

·       Understanding audience and the importance of this in the construction of particular products.

·        Exploration of media’s significance, importance and influence in society, culture, politics and history. 

Students can also express their creativity through the controlled assessment element of media, where they create their own media products in response to set briefs.

Media studies provide students with analytical and critical-thinking skills that are relevant to modern day society due to media’s increasing growth and significance in everyday life. Students are taught to understand the generic codes and conventions of different media platforms and the reasoning behind the way they are constructed, alongside applying this to a wider understanding of the world outside the media platform itself.

Students are also encouraged to apply their understanding to constructing creative media products of their own, equipping them with the tools to carefully design, justify and reach the conclusions behind their choices.

Revision link for GCSE Media:

Year 9 

Year 10

Year 11

Year 12