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The Media department is passionate and committed to the importance of media and films, regarding them as uniquely complex texts requiring the ability to process visual and auditory information, along with narrative and character development. The subject promotes the students’ abilities to critically analyse visual information- a key skill in today’s world. The curriculum covers a broad range of media areas such as the news, social media, the music industry, television drams, magazines and film. Teenagers are bombarded with visual stimuli and need to be able to pick it apart and ask questions of it. Students are taught to learn how to evaluate if a text is biased, or if it portrays cultural stereotypes. The subject also aims to promote and develop numerous creative and design skills through a range of software. Often influenced by genre, audience and real media texts, visual communication and creativity is at the heart of the subject and is a stepping stone for future careers in the media industry.

The qualification we study for at GCSE is OCR J200 (Unit 1: Television & Promoting Media. Unit 2: Music & news), at A level it is OCR H409 (Unit 1: Media Messages. Unit 2: Evolving Media)


The department are always looking to provide trips and, if possible, work experience placements in any potential media-related industry.

Online resources:

  • BBC Bitesize – Covers key concepts and revision guides
  • YouTube - clips, playlist and breakdown of media theory
  • Weebly – online digital hub for revision and key notes
  • SAM Learning – revision quizzes and assessment
  • The Paperboy – archives of UK newspaper

Career Links:

Animator, Broadcast journalist, Broadcast presenter, Digital marketer, Film director, Film/video editor, Freelance designer/photographer, Games developer, Graphic designer, Lighting technician, Magazine editor, Magazine journalist, Newspaper journalist, Press photographer, Programme researcher, Radio broadcast assistant, Radio producer, Runner, Set designer,  Sound technician, broadcasting/film/video, Television floor manager, Web designer, Writer.