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Media Studies

Course Content

Qualifying students will follow a course giving them theoretical and practical understanding of Media Studies and new media. There will be explorations of texts, media industries, production and critical perspectives.

A-Level Media Studies is designed to widen the intellectual horizons of students through the analysis of both global and historical media. This course will foster the development of critical and reflective thinking to encourage engagement in the critical debates surrounding contemporary media.

Students will be enabled to engage confidently with critical and theoretical approaches from the perspectives of both analytical consumers and as producers of media products themselves.

This A-Level has a broad, coherent and rigorous course of study and has been created to ensure that all types of learners can fulfil their potential. During the course students will be enabled to:

  • demonstrate skill of enquiry, critical thinking, decision-making and analysis
  • demonstrate a critical approach to media issues
  • demonstrate appreciation and critical understanding of the media and their role both historically and currently in society, culture, politics and the economy
  • develop an understanding of the dynamic and changing relationships between media forms, products, media industries and audiences
  • demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the global nature of the media
  • analyse and compare media products and the contexts in which they are produced and consumed
  • engage in critical debate about academic theories used in media studies
  • demonstrate sophisticated practical skills via creative media production

Students who enjoyed the Media Studies GCSE or their English Language GCSE will get a lot of enjoyment out of this course – they will be given the opportunity to develop their understanding of the media and how it is used to influence society. They will study media institutions and representations, the origins and historical perspective of media and the ethics and morals of global media.

Examination Details

This A-Level will be assessed via two examinations totaling 70% of the final course grade.

Students will also have to complete a piece of practical coursework requiring students to create three linked media products via cross-media production, showcasing their media knowledge and skills; the coursework is worth 30% of their final A-Level grade.

Career Pathways

Students with an A-Level in Media Studies typically achieve careers in the following fields:

  • Journalism
  • Media
  • Programming (TV / Film / Broadcast)
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Education (Teaching)
  • Events
  • Public Relations
  • Market Research
  • Public Sector (Civil Service / Government)
  • Writing / Scripting
  • Film Production
Entry Criteria

Grade 6 in English Language or English Literature or a B in Media Studies is desired.