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Music Technology

  Music Technology




This qualification will support students in forming personal and meaningful relationships with music technology through the development of musical knowledge, understanding and skills. These include recording, technology-based composition, listening, analysing and producing.

Students will be encouraged to engage with a wide range of music technology techniques and develop an understanding of the historical and cultural contexts of the use of music technology in the creation and production of music.

This qualification will also allow students to develop particular strengths and interests, encourage lifelong learning and provide access to higher education and university degree courses in music technology and music technology-related subjects and other careers.

Course Structure:

Recording - 20%

Technology based composition - 20%

Listening and Analysing - 25%

Producing and Analysing - 35%



Career Pathways:

The A-level provides a sound basis if you wish to proceed to HE courses in Creative Music Technology or other related courses, as well as developing many transferrable skills such as divergent thinking and collaboration. It can lead to careers in composing, studio work, and teaching, as well as related areas in publishing and media. You will also learn to respond effectively to a given brief.


Entry Criteria:

By interview - Music/Computing GCSE or prior musical knowledge/experience an advantage.