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NCOP Pathways Programme

The University of Northampton is working very closely with Corby Technical School on the Government funded NCOP Pathways programme. They are providing a wide range of exciting opportunities and events for students across the county from year 9 to 13 to help raise aspirations and awareness of the opportunities that exist within higher education and beyond, as well as supporting us in enthusing our students in their academic studies.

As a school we have engaged in the following activities so far and intend to develop this relationship with the University of Northampton throughout the lifetime of the Pathways programme:

  • Big Bang Event at Northampton All Saints 2017
  • Year 11 visit to the Waterside Campus Build site
  • Imagine a Day programme

EMPREP privacy notice

If your child/dependant is taking part in a Higher Education Provider outreach or recruitment activity, to ensure this and any further activities they take part in are useful, effective and reaching the right young people, we need to gather certain information (including information about your child/dependant’s ethnicity and disability) which will be analysed and used by the East Midlands Widening Participation research and Evaluation Partnership (EMWPREP) and associated partners for research purposes only.

EMWPREP is a collaboration of Midlands-based Higher Education providers that offers a targeting, monitoring and evaluation service for the outreach initiatives delivered by each partner.  Detailed information on EMWPREP and how we collect and use the data can be found at:

For research purposes we may share the data held on this form with one or more of the following receiving organisations:

  • partner Higher Education  providers in the Midlands
  • your child/dependant’s school or college
  • your child/dependant’s school or college’s Local Authority
  • third-party activity providers working with partner Higher Education providers in the Midlands, and
  • third party data processors working with partner Higher Education providers in the Midlands

EMWPREP and the receiving organisations may then link data from this form to additional educational data about your child/dependant (including Department of Education attainment data held on the National Pupil database. ILP records, UCAS record and/or HESA student records).  We may access data and use it to monitor the impact or our activities.

Any personal data we collect will only be share with the partners mentioned above.  All research publications will be anonymised so individuals cannot be identified and the data will not be used for any other purpose.  Data will be processed in accordance with the relevant data protection legislation.  Members of the Pathways Consortium will rely on either 6(1)(e) or 6(1)(f) according to their interpretation of the regulation.  This will be clarified as soon as clear guidance emerges from the ICO.  For more information, please see or call 01509 223462.