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Online Safety

Every day it seems our children spend more and more time online, so we recognise the need for schools, parents and carers to work together to take an active role in teaching children about online safety. Teaching students how to keep themselves safe when using the internet is an incredibly important part of safeguarding our children. Equally, if we are going to support them in this, it is also necessary for us to be well-informed. Often this involves learning about platforms that are very new and rapidly changing.

As a parent or carer, there are a few actions you can take to protect your children from the risks of the internet: 

  • Knowing what apps are installed on your child's mobile device
  • Knowing the passcode to access their device, if needed
  • Understanding that once content is shared with others, it can't be taken back
  • Knowing who your children are talking to

National Online Safety

As well as taking these actions, it is also important for you as parents and carers to understand the online world children inhabit and for us to provide you with information to help you to protect your children online.

We are therefore delighted to announce that at Corby Technical School we have shown our commitment to protecting our pupils online by working with National Online Safety to provide high quality and frequently updated resources that are free for all our parents and carers to access.  

The resources include online courses, online video resources and weekly guides covering a huge range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Online Relationships
  • Fake Profiles & Social Bots
  • Online Bullying
  • Live Streaming
  • Online Identity
  • Screen Addiction
  • Online Challenges
  • Social Media Platforms


  • Age-Inappropriate Content
  • Fake News
  • Online Fraud
  • Online Reputation
  • Personal Data
  • Targeted Adverts & Pop-Ups
  • The Dark Web
  • Games & Trends

To create your account, please click here and complete your details. When you’re set up, you’ll be able to set ‘Parent/Carer’ as your user type and all the resources will be freely accessible for you to use as it suits you.

Online Safety in school:

As a technical school, we put a lot of emphasis in online safety and ensuring that the students understand the risks that the internet may bring. 

We have assemblies which frequently remind the students of the dangers which they face when publishing content online, particularly on social media websites. As well as assemblies, online safety is delivered as part of our computing curriculum and discussed within PSHE lessons.

As a school, we take preventative measures such as blocking all inappropriate websites on our computers, laptops and iPads. The internet usage within school is also monitored by a software called Impero and our ICT suites are supervised by a member of staff throughout the day. 

The use of mobile phones is also banned in school, which minimises any unsupervised access to the Internet whilst students are with us during the day.