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Physical Education

Curriculum Intent

We study Physical Education to develop our knowledge of all aspects of sport whilst improving our health and well-being. The Physical Education curriculum is designed to provide students with skills such as teamwork, resilience, empathy and many others that students will use to overcome challenges in PE that they can transfer into other areas of school and everyday life. We believe unequivocally that every student has the capacity to strive in PE, whether this is a student who goes on to become an elite athlete or a student who finds a sport that opens a door to lifelong participation in sport and the obvious health benefits. Every student leaves PE having completed an academic qualification that furnished them with knowledge of how to improve their health and what activities are available to them to improve their fitness. 


We currently have a four court sportshall that is equipped with the facility to be used as a full size basketball court, volleyball court, netball court or futsal court. We can also use this facility for our 6 table -tennis tables, 2 trampolines or as a fitness area.

Our outside facility is a full size football pitch, this is an area where students are taught a wide variety of sports and activities such as football, rugby, handball, athletics, rounder, cricket and softball.


The school has built a very good relationship with the PE and Sports Science department at the University of Bedfordshire. We have an annual trip for students in Year 8 who have an interest in careers and pathways in sport to visit the Sports Science labs and attend teaching sessions on a wide range of activities by University of Bedfordshire students and lecturers.

We have as a department ran trips to Old Trafford to watch Manchester United in the Europa League, to Franklin Gardens to watch Northampton Saints in the Heinenken Cup and a ski trip to Aosta Valley. We intend to continue to run similar trips to these in the future.


All students in the school will sit the NCFE qualification in Health and Fitness. The current Year 11 students are sitting the Level 2 Specification. Year 10 onwards will sit the new Level1/2 specification. The intention of the course is to provide students with an understanding of how their body works, the impact exercise and nutrition has on the body and ways in which to improve their health and fitness.

Careers in PE:

There a large variation of vocations that sport can lead to. Some examples of vocations are as follows:

  • Sports journalism
  • Physiotherapist
  • Personal Trainer
  • PE Teacher
  • Performance analyst
  • Nutritionist
  • Performer