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Please click here for access to all the Brooke Weston Trust policies. This includes information regarding articles of association, funding agreement, list of current directors, value for money statement.

For details of the amount of time off taken by staff who are union officials across Brooke Weston Trust, please click here.

Additional information that is specific to Corby Technical School can be found below:

Relevant Trust Policy Policy Title Reference material


Safeguarding & Child Protection

Details of the Designated Senior Manager for Corby Technical School.


Behaviour and Discipline

Corby Technical School's Code of Conduct

School discipline procedure


Special Educational Needs & Inclusion

Corby Technical School Special Educational needs (Information) Regulations Clause 65

TPO/QA/02 Complaints Corby Technical School Complaints Policy
TPO/FIN/01 Charging and Remissions Corby Technical School Charging and Remissions Policy